5 Advantages to Assessing Your Property for A Repaint NOW

November 18, 2022 at 8:07 PM

All too often, the look of our strata and commercial properties become invisible to us as we come and go. While we are going about our lives, the weather continues its eternal efforts to return our buildings back to the earth. In most situations, the only defense we have is to maintain our protective coatings to slow or prevent degradation and extend the life of our residences and buildings.

1. Maintain Your Property Value

Everyone has “that house” in their neighbourhood. The one with the uncut grass, broken driveway, fading or peeling paint, and rotten wood visible on trim boards or window sills. Houses in those conditions can have a serious detrimental effect on the value of the houses in that neighbourhood. The same can be said for stratified residential properties and commercial buildings. If the property is not maintained, the value can decrease. Quickly.

2. Save Costs on Expensive Wood Replacements

The only thing standing between the deterioration of the wood substrates on a building is the protective paint coating that is applied to the wood. Once water and sun can attack the wood directly, wood rot sets in and it needs to be replaced. With the wood market going haywire over the past few years, this could cost hundreds of dollars per piece to replace. The key to prevent this type of costly damage is to keep the protective coating of the building in good shape and in a timely manner.

3. Concrete Repairs are Never as Solid or as Smooth as the Original

As with wood, exposed concrete is vulnerable to water ingress which causes cracking and spalling with unsightly rust stains. Maintaining the protective coating is imperative to prevent moisture getting into the concrete and beginning the deterioration process. Once deteriorated, it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair.

4. Faded Paint is a Sign of Neglect

Some paint colours are more prone to early fading, but in all cases, once the paint begins to fade, this should be your first indication that the coating is reaching the end of its service life. Whether it’s from chalking, or sun bleaching, when the paint begins to look faded it is a sign that the resin in the paint is breaking down. This will allow moisture and UV to accelerate the degradation of the coating and begin to attack the substrate. Not only will it affect the overall attractiveness of the building, but it could also impact its assessed value in the market.

5. Maintaining the protective coatings on your property SAVES money.

Many people see a large-scale painting project as an unnecessary financial burden, an inconvenience, and a headache to produce. When you step back and take a long view, a timely painting project can avoid excessive overruns and costs incurred due to neglect. Often, these projects get put off simply because people don’t know where to begin, so it gets ignored, and nature has its way. The good news is, we can help.

The IPASS Advantage

The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step, and the best time to begin a painting project is before your existing coatings begin to fail. With IPASS (Inspec Paint Assessment Support System), you can arm yourself with the knowledge and support you need to take the 2nd step with confidence.

An IPASS begins with one of our accredited inspectors visiting the property and assessing the current condition of the protective coatings on all the substrates on site. Once the site visit is complete, your inspector will compile all the information and organize it into a detailed document listing all the substrates on the property, and the condition of all the protective coatings including window sealants, door sealants, control joint sealants, and any other miscellaneous items found.

This will provide you with a Point A on your journey. It will arm you with the detailed information you need to make the necessary budget decisions with a full data set which will support you in determining your priorities.

Ordering an IPASS is the quickest, most cost-effective way to get the ball rolling to protect your vulnerable building well into the future with confidence and support.

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