IPASS (Inspec Paint Assessment Support Service)

One of the key steps in property maintenance is being proactive. Knowing the condition of all painted or coated substrates within your building or facility before it requires immediate repair is a critical step to saving you money in the long run. Most buildings require a thorough assessment within 5-7 years of its last paint job, and potentially sooner if it has been newly built.

IPASS (Inspec Paint Assessment Support Service)

What is an IPASS?

An IPASS (Inspec Paint Assessment Support Service) is a proprietary written assessment that addresses the current conditions of all paintable or coated substrates on the property, providing a clear picture of how well the building will hold up and its potential lifespan before requiring maintenance work.

To produce an IPASS report, an MPI-certified Coating Specialist will be onsite to inspect the coating conditions on all substrates including wood, metal, doors and frames, vinyl items, concrete and cement block, as well as the condition of weatherproofing sealants. A detailed report along with relevant photographs will be provided to the strata or building owner within five business days after the initial assessment. The report will also include a list of recommended actions and timelines to best preserve the integrity of the substrates, and to prolong the life of the building.

We assess the coatings and conditions of:

  • Wood substrates
  • Cementitious siding (Hardie) substrates
  • Metal substrates
  • Doors & frames
  • Vinyl items
  • Stone items
  • Concrete and CMUs
  • Sealants

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