Specifications & Tender Management

To ensure consistency, quality control and the most effective results, it is best to have one agency, such as Inspec, oversee the entire process from start to finish, including specifications, tender management, and coating inspections throughout the project to maximize your investment dollars.

Specifications & Tender Management

Consultation & Written Specifications

The paint specifications provide a blueprint for ensuring the work will be in full compliance with MPI Industry Standards. These procedural documents are prepared by one of our MPI-certified Coating Specialists after a consultation and an onsite visit to determine the required scope of work, and the specific coating systems and techniques to be applied.

Tender Management

We act as a liaison between property owners and contractors by ensuring that projects are completed with the quality and workmanship that meet or exceed industry standards. Throughout the process, we work for you. Upon completion of the written specifications, we will invite 4 to 5 reputable paint firms, with proven results, to an onsite tender meeting where each firm will be given the opportunity to bid on the project. The specification requires that all contractors are bidding on the same items, which ensures a fair and level playing field. The bids are then submitted to both our agency, and to you, on or before a firm closing date. The bids are then compared on a bid summary document that we present to you to support your decision making process.