Paint & Coating Inspections

Every project we take on is handled with the utmost diligence and care. Upon determining the written specifications, you can trust that our team of knowledgeable experts will ensure that the job is completed to meet the specification requirements and exceed industry standards.

Paint & Coating Inspections

Since every project is unique and may include a wide range of products used, our inspectors are specifically trained to assess the application of products that are outside of MPI certifications. Our inspection process can include additional services such as drywall repairs, wood repairs, surface concrete repairs, sealant replacements and waterproofing membranes.

The Inspection Program includes:

  • a pre-job inspection (i.e., identifying existing damage, wood rot, sealant failures, areas of potential water ingress, etc.)
  • surface preparation inspections (verifying sound substrates, ensuring spot priming, and creating adequate anchor patterns)
  • a paint storage assessment (verifying the correct products, mixing, and thinning procedures)
  • colour schedule tracking
  • application technique assessments
  • site cleanliness and maintenance
  • adhesion tests
  • wet film thickness tests
  • dry film thickness tests (where required)

After each visit to the job site, you will receive a full inspection report written by our MPI-certified Coating Specialist. To ensure you stay well informed, the inspection reports are delivered promptly within 24-36 hours of each site inspection. To help you understand every step of the process, each report contains many photographs supported with our summarized observations. Our ultimate goals are to ensure the workmanship standards are set and delivered, and to arm you with the knowledge that is necessary to successfully maintain the value of your property.