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Preparing for Your Upcoming Strata Project

Whether it involves a residential or commercial property, there are many factors to consider when carrying out an exterior strata maintenance project.

How to Delay Wood Rot

Wood construction has always offered aesthetic and economical benefits to a property.

What is Efflorescence?

Have you ever walked around your home or your place of work and noticed something odd about the concrete?

5 Reasons to Hire a Coatings Inspection Company

As Property Managers, you can find yourselves facing the daunting task of organizing a large repainting project for your building.

Why Black is the Worst Colour to Paint?

When choosing a colour to paint the exterior of your house or commercial building, there is no bolder choice than the colour black.

5 Reasons to Paint Your Interior and When

Interior common use spaces such as foyers, hallways, elevator doors, unit entry doors, and stairwells accumulate wear and tear. Here are 5 points to consider.

How To Increase the Value of Your Commercial Building

If you own or manage real estate, particularly commercial real estate, it is imperative to identify the factors that can influence its value.

Sealants — What are they and why are they important?

The assessment on the replacement of cold joint and control joint sealants should play an integral part in drawing up the project’s specifications.

A Building Maintenance Checklist

To increase the value of your property, appropriate preventative measures are routinely taken to maintain its structure and visual appeal.

5 Advantages to Assessing Your Property for A Repaint NOW

The only defense we have is to maintain our protective coatings to slow or prevent degradation and extend the life of our residences and buildings.