Experts in EVERYTHING?

January 24, 2024 at 8:20 PM

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Sometimes, expectations can be unreasonable.

As a property manager, building maintenance manager or related professional, your clients will have the understanding that you are an expert in EVERYTHING! This can also lead to getting blamed for everything, even burst pipes when the temperature plummets… Reality can be a cruel mistress.

Problem with the roof? Call the manager, they’ll fix it. Problem with the plumbing, or electrical? Call the manager, they’ll fix it. Problem with the building envelope? Call the manager, they'll fix it. Property needs painting? Call the manager, they know how to do it.

The reality is that it is impossible to know everything about everything, but when there is a project looming, this expectation somehow becomes very real. You can call a contractor, but will your clients (or you) simply take their word for it on what needs to be done? You may have trust in them and their honest approach, but your clients may not have the same familiarity and trust, so their suggestions may be taken as self serving, no matter how good their intentions.

A 3rd party Consulting Firm can be a cost-effective way to relieve some of the excess expectations, and help to satisfy some of your more suspicious clients about the neutrality of the information being provided.

For example, at Inspec Consulting, we have a consulting service assessment process (IPASS – Inspec Paint Assessment Support System) that can help your clients determine the current condition of the coatings on the property, and work with them to prioritize their exterior maintenance projects to ensure their maintenance dollars are well spent. Once the assessment is completed and the priorities are identified, we have a proven process to take the project from concept through to boots on the ground and completion with minimal stress on you as a property manager, maintaining your image as an all around expert.

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