Preparing for Your Upcoming Strata Project

April 24, 2023 at 5:30 PM

As the spring season emerges from its rainy onset to offer more consistently good weather, your mind has probably shifted to planning mode. Apart from summer vacations, weekend camping, or the occasional local outdoor event, your focus may be on planning a major exterior strata maintenance project. Whether it involves a residential or commercial property, there are many factors to consider when carrying out such a project.

The success of your exterior strata maintenance project is dependent on the cooperation of the residents in a residential strata, or the customers and workers of a commercial strata. Give advanced notice to residents or workers that there will be work done on certain days during certain hours. It is during this time that your contractors will be occupying shared space like a parking stall or one side of a common lane, for example. There should also be the expectation of noise generated from the work. Drive or walk carefully around these areas to protect the workers.

While it may be easier for residents to adapt to these temporary inconveniences, in commercial settings, businesses still have to run, including yours. Therefore, it’s also important to inform your contractors when there are deliveries or maintenance on your commercial property so they can work around it and avoid causing a disruption. Setting up away from high foot traffic areas so customers and workers can pass is also beneficial to maintaining the usual flow of business.

Showing courtesy for others is an important factor of a successful project, but ensuring their physical safety is just as important, if not more. For a residential space, like a balcony or entryway, keep the area cleared of furniture, decor, debris and other personal items to prevent damage and ensure safety. Contractors will be able to carry out their work without restrictions or hazards. It may also provide a good opportunity to assess what you can recycle or dispose of in case it does not fit within the new aesthetic. In commercial spaces, if stored objects cannot be fully transported out of the area, for size or business concerns, at least keep them away from the floors, walls and ceilings that require work. Also make sure that exterior power outlets and hose bibs are activated and accessible for the contractors’ convenience.

It is good to have a professional consultant supporting the process by ensuring the contractor is supplying adequate notice and maintaining safety standards. Our paint and coating inspectors assume the role of a third-party quality control and assurance expert whose job it is to ensure that all aspects of the project are done according to the written specifications. The inspector then prepares documents for the owner or property management team to ensure that the project is completed with full adherence to the specified industry standards.

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